Fed up of fighting python?

It took me hundreds of hours to get to where I am. If you want accelerate your learning, make your own models and save yourself hours of frustration, strap yourself in and prepare for takeoff.

How You'll learn

The best way to learn programming and data science is by doing. So right from the get-go you'll be building your own models and charts in python.

There are nine fully-fledged projects for you to build and expand your skillset. Once you've built those with us you'll be able to tackle your own models and problems.

We've also got a number of mini-courses included on the different python modules we'll be using like matplotlib and pandas, so you'll be a pro with those in no time.

You can also ask us questions if you get stuck or want to request extra lectures on a specific topic, so you can push your learning to the next level.

We have a no-questions-asked refund policy available for the first 30 days after enrolling. If you don't like what you see, just let us know and you'll get your money back, that's a promise

If you value your time and are willing to invest in yourself it's a no-brainer. It's taken me hundreds of hours of digging around in dark corners of matplotlib documentation to get to where I am. I'm giving that to you, with lifetime access and a growing library of content for a fixed fee. If this course saves you 20 hours of frustration, how much is that per hour? Is your time worth more than that?

Project 1: Log-Scale Chart of Bitcoin

This is where we'll start. Within an hour of starting the course you'll have for yourself a fully-functioning log-chart of bitcoin built in matplotlib.

Project 4:  Sharpe ratio portfolio optimize
Project 4: Sharpe ratio portfolio optimiser

After just a few short projects you'll be able to build a portfolio optimiser, based on modern portfolio theory. It'll show you the optimum portfolio weightings based on the cryptos you select.

Project 6: Metcalfe's Law Model

As you get deeper into your studies, we'll start creating valuation models based on theories like Metcalfe's law, which uses the size of the community around a project to see if it's over-hyped.

Project 7: Log regression rainbow

Digging deeper into data science, we'll learn about regression and how to find optimal parameters to fit our data. Regression lines often serve as powerful support/resistance during the market cycle.

Project 8: Power Law Oscillator

We flex our muscles and use what we've learned so far to build the power law oscillator, which has historically served as an excellent guide to market cycle peaks.

Coming Soon: Bitcoin Power Law corridor

In the coming weeks we'll be adding the Bitcoin Power Law Corridor, a data science model which attempts to capture the probable range of bitcoin values by taking the log of both price and time.

Don't miss out!

We increase the price of this course every few months as we add new content. If you get in now you'll have lifetime access to everything we put in this course. We've got big plans to teach the world financial data science and by getting in now you'll get all future additions for free.

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